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Join Uber Eats Affiliate Programme 2021

Looking to join the Uber Eats Affiliate programme? You may have already noticed that they no longer offer an affiliate programme through the normal channels,?BUT?there is a way to make commission still, using the Uber Eats affiliate programme through other means. Read on to find out how and follow our step-by-step guide.

Join the Uber Eats Affiliate programme

Ok so let’s get straight into it, in order to generate commission via Uber Eats, you’ll need to use a cash back/rewards/rebates company called TopCashBack.

Why? TopCashBack has a direct affiliate agreement with Uber Eats which means that they have access to affiliate commissions without there being an affiliate programme in existence.

How does it work?

In short, you’ll join TopCashBack as a member which is free. Once you’ve joined you’ll have your own unique referral link to share with your audience (essentially an affiliate link) TopCashBack pays out 100% of the commission to you.

To recap: you’ll get your Uber Eats affiliate link from TopCashBack…share it on your website/social media etc, earn commission in your TopCashBack account and then once Uber Eats have paid TopCashBack, you get paid.

Steps to join TopCashBack

I’ll start by saying that TopCashBack has over 20 million users worldwide and on a personal level I’ve used them since 2013 where I’ve earned in excess of ?10,000/$13,500. So you can absolutely rely upon and trust them. ?Right let’s get into the steps for joining.

Uber Eats Join TopCashBack

1. Sign-up

Join TopCashBack using the links below.


Join TopCashBack UK


Join TopCashBack USA


The sign-up process couldn’t be simpler. Just enter your name and email and click the verification link on the email.


2. Complete your profile

Once you’ve joined, head over to “My Account” and “My Profile” and fill in all of your profile information. Typically you’ll add a security question to keep your account secure and you can choose to setup your payout options at this stage if you want. e.g. link to your PayPal.

Steps to get your Uber Eats Affiliate Programme link

Next up we’re going to get your affiliate link for sharing on your website or social media (or wherever you are promoting Uber Eats).

1. Tell-a-friend

On the homepage when you’re logged-in click on “Tell-a-Friend”

Once you’re in to the “tell-a-friend” area you want to click?“More Sharing Options”


Here you might need to click a “find out more” button where you’ll be presented with the merchant link generator. Just search for?Uber Eats and you’ll get your affiliate link.



That’s it, you’re ready to start promoting your affiliate link for Uber Eats. To find out the latest commission rates for them just head to the search bar on TopCashBack and search for Uber Eats.

At the time of writing this, January 2021, the commission rates for Uber Eats are ?3/$7 for new customers.?

Once you’ve made some commission in your TopCashBack account you can either withdraw it to your bank account, PayPal or take it as a gift card to one of several retailers.

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