WebinarJam Review

WebinarJam Review

About WebinarJam

WebinarJam is one of the leading webinar platforms with over 50,000 users. WebinarJam has built itself into a tool that delivers almost anything and everything you could want and need from a webinar platform. In my WebinarJam review I’m going to explore in real detail, everything WebinarJam has to offer and how it compares to the competition.

Right from the initial setup of your registration page, through to the live event itself and even the reporting features available to review your webinar?s success afterwards.

The fact is webinars are here to stay. In fact they’re only just taking off. Hubspot agree that webinars are far from dead. So it’s important to find the right platform for yours.

I?ve voted WebinarJam as my top pick of all webinar platforms in our best webinar platform of 2021 guide.?

WebinarJam Review

We?ve loved using WebinarJam in our study thanks to the huge range of options there are to customise and deliver a bespoke webinar. Every step of the setup is guided through in a simple and easy to understand manner.

WebinarJam has also considered you, the webinar host, throughout the build of the platform. Ultimately you want your webinar to be as successful as possible. With tools like the pre-built registration page designs, not only is it easy to build a highly converting registration page, they also provide you with the ability to A/B test your page to see which drives the most conversions.

From our use of WebinarJam we?ve found the whole process a pleasure, but lets look at each stage of the Webinar in a little more detail.


We found the setup process of the webinar perhaps the most intuitive of all the platforms. It’s a simple step-by-step process to configure your webinar. Right at the start you have the option to setup using the ?express configuration? which takes less than 60 seconds, or the full configuration which takes 10 minutes.

We?d always suggest using the full configuration, as 10 minutes isn?t exactly time consuming. It just enables you to customise the webinar more to your needs.

WebinarJam Express Setup

As mentioned, the setup has been designed to be as simple as possible. You?re essentially walked through each stage of a webinar during the setup. You?ll see from the image below that the blue circles are the various stages. Within each stage there are then several elements you can add/customise.

WebinarJam Setup

During the setup you can add any content you already have such as video, PowerPoint, polls or other files and these will be added automatically into your webinar.

Once the setup is complete your webinar is ready to be shared and you can edit it at any time.

Attendee Registration:

The next step in the process is getting your attendees to register. This is one area where WebinarJam really delivers. The landing pages are built to convert. No fluff, simple short paragraphs to really sell why the viewer NEEDS to join your webinar. Perhaps a bullet list of key points and then a big Register button with the webinar times/countdown shown.

Landing Page Design

then once your attendees are registered you can initiate your own sequence of reminders. By default the attendee will get an immediate notification to thank them for registering (which you can customise) and a notification 15 minutes before the webinar starts. But you can add and customise as much as you like.

It?s also worth noting here, that you can integrate the emails/autoresponders to your own email service provider. With a range of the most popular platforms to choose from, such as ConvertKit, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, AWeber, Fusionsoft and more.

reminder sequence in webinarjam

Live Event:

Even before you go live, you have control of customisation on the countdown page. Templates are again provided so the design can tie-in with your registration page.

Once you?re into the actual live webinar this is where the features of WebinarJam really stand out from the crowd. We?ll go into all of the features of the live webinar below. But as a summary we were blown away by the range of features available, from live video, uploaded video, PowerPoint, live polls, pop-up offers to generate sales, live chat and more.

It gives you the perfect toolkit to create a successful webinar and achieve your goals, whether that?s sign-ups, sales or just awareness of your brand.

Post Event:

The powerful analytics feature built into WebinarJam gives fantastic insight into the performance of your webinar.

Statistics that you?re able to see on the WebinarJam include:


Here you can see the total number of visitors to your webinar registration page, the number of registrants and therefore the sign-up rate as a percentage. You can then see the number of attendees at your live event and any replay attendees. From these figures you?re also given a ?show-up rate?.


These analytics show you insight into the engagement from your attendees. Stats include the number of live attendees. The length of the webinar session. The average time on the live room. A percentage of those that watched the full webinar. Finally, a star rating of up to 5 stars which is the rating your attendees provided for the webinar.

You can then see the same statistics for the replay webinars too.

WebinarJam Pros

An important part of this WebinarJam review is to look at the pros and cons of the software. One of the biggest pros is the absolutely incredible range of features it offers, so be sure to check out the section below on WebinarJam features to see these.

Some of the other things that stood out for us as great pros are:

  • Super simple, step-by-step setup. No technical knowledge required.
  • Pre-made templates for beautiful looking registration, thank you, live webinars and emails.
  • Whilst the yearly price is a big hit to the wallet, the value per month is much better than competitors.
  • Automated recording of webinars.
  • No app or clever equipment needed, just a web browser. (For the webinar host and attendees).
  • Customizable emails to improve attendee rates.
  • One of the best webinar platforms for integration options, integrating with many major CRMs and other applications.

Essentially everything you could want to do with a webinar has been thought about and a solution provided in WebinarJam. This makes it one of the best platforms for beginners right through to experienced corporate webinar hosts.

WebinarJam Cons

Pricing is only available yearly. Whilst the price is extremely competitive, given the level of features and number of attendees allowed for the subscription, you do need to pay for the full year.

Whilst you can run replica replays of your first webinar which exactly mimic everything from the webinar content to the chats and polls; to run automated webinars that give a live look-and-feel that actually include live features like a live chat/Q&A you need EverWebinar which is an additional cost.

There can be around a 5-10 second delay of your video feed for some attendees. This is usually not an issue but worth bearing in mind that if you talk about a poll/offer and then click the publish button to show your attendees the poll/offer, they may actually see the poll/offer before the video has caught up to the point you?ve talked about it.

WebinarJam Features

Now for the next part of our WebinarJam review let?s take a look at all of the features offered in the platform. This is one of the most feature-rich webinar platforms which truly has thought through every use and need for webinar hosts and attendees.

  • Up to 5,000 attendees on one webinar (with an amazing 500 even on the basic plan).
  • Up to 6 presenters (2 on the basic plan).
  • HD streaming for smooth webcam footage, video playback or PowerPoint sharing.
  • Works on all major browsers and devices with apps to download.
  • Live chat function to really improve webinar engagement, with ability for chat to be moderated, private chat sessions and even Q&As.
  • Automatically record your webinar and download the video or use the ?Replica Replay? feature to mimic the live event.
  • Schedule the event or events to a time and date of your choosing. Even schedule recurrent events.
  • Promote an attendee to the virtual stage by inviting any one of your attendees will be able to share their video, voice and screenshare.
  • Beautiful templates built with conversion in mind. Or design your own pages.
  • Split test between two templates so you can get an even better conversion rate.
  • Email and SMS notifications can be tailored and add as many or as few as you like to encourage your attendees to visit the event. Even build rules for emails after the event based on whether your attendee left early, bought or didn?t buy your offer or missed your webinar altogether.

Make your webinars succeed – more features:

  • Live offers for your product or service on the screen at any time during the webinar. This powerful tool can really drive amazing conversion rates. Include a countdown timer for the offer ending.
  • Live poll and surveys to get instant feedback from your attendees on a particular topic.
  • Simple upload of PowerPoint presentations (or Keynote).
  • Upload files so your attendees can take files away with them.
  • Inject video so your attendees can watch a pre-recorded video during your webinar.
  • Incredible integrations with your autoresponder, CRM or other application.
  • The control centre can be used for a moderator to manage your webinar during the live event whilst you focus on what?s important, the speaking/presentation. Great for large scale events where you’ll want the support of someone managing the webinar interactivity and engagement.
  • Option to charge your attendees if you want a paid for webinar solution.
  • Powerful post-event analytics (details of this are covered above in the review section).

WebinarJam Pricing

Now it wouldn’t be a proper WebinarJam Review if we didn’t look at pricing. The pricing for WebinarJam starts at just $1 for a 14 day trial. This great offer gives you the perfect opportunity to really get your teeth into the capabilities of WebinarJam and to see if it?s the right platform for you.

The full subscriptions are then broken into 3 types.

  • Basic ? This is ideal for most webinar providers, it?s $499 per year and allows unlimited webinars, 2 presenters and up to 500 attendees on a 2 hour max duration.
  • Professional ? If you need a little more, for $699 per year you get up to 4 presenters, 2,000 attendees and 3 hour duration.
  • Enterprise ? if you?re looking for large-scale webinars this package at $999 per year allows up to 6 presenters, 5,000 attendees and 4 hours max duration.

WebinarJam review of pricing

Setting up your first WebinarJam Webinar


The first step is to register, a really simple process of entering your information and credit card details for the $1 trial. Note that you will be charged the amount of the subscription after 14 days.

At this stage you can choose if you want to include EverWebinar with your subscription, or just stick to WebinarJam. We?ll explain EverWebinar later in this post because it’s a great additional feature (paid for).

Configuration type

Once your account is setup and you?ve logged in, you?re ready to create your first webinar. You?ll be taken through a quick guided tour of the WebinarJam interface. But you?ll see for yourself, it?s really simple and user friendly.

At this stage you?ll need to decide if you want to follow the ?Express configuration? or ?Full configuration?. We?d always recommend the full configuration as it only take 10 minutes to complete.

Basic setup

Now you?re onto the basic setup of your first webinar. Here you?ll include things like the name, title and description. Whether it?s public or private and how many presenters you have.

step 3 setup


Now it?s time to schedule your webinar and here you will choose between one single session, multiple or a recurring series.

You can choose the exact dates, times and time zones too.

step 4 schedule

Registration setup

The registration section of the setup is where you will configure all aspects of getting your attendees to register.

step 5 webinarjam registration

Customize registration page

The first item you?ll customize is the registration page itself. You can choose from one of the many pre-designed templates, or use your own design. You can even split test if you want to see which design converts best for your audience.

Next you?re onto the form. Here you?ll customize the look of the form and also the fields of information you capture from your attendees.

It?s at this stage that you can also choose whether your webinar is free to join or paid for, so make the choice now if you can.

You can also choose if you want to automatically subscribe registrants to your future webinars too.

step 6 landing page design

Build your notifications sequence

This is an extremely powerful tool within WebinarJam and one worth spending some time planning. The notification section is your sequence of communication with your attendees before the webinar begins.

By default the registrant will receive an immediate notification with the link after they register. They will also receive one 15 minutes before the start.

However, you have so much flexibility to create additional communications to be sent at a time that suits you, using email, SMS or call.

You can also plan and develop your post-webinar communications with attendees here to follow up. Great if you made an offer on a product or service during the live event.

All emails are customizable too, so you can change the text to suit your audience. There are also a number of fields that can pre-populate important information like the webinar date/time or the attendee name/email.

If you wish you can also use your own email system instead of WebinarJam?s own.

step 7 notifications in webinarjam

Add your integrations (optional)

This is probably for slightly more advanced users, that want to get more out of their webinar platform, but great for those that need it.

The integration stage of the setup allows you to connect with a whole range of CRM platforms, autoresponders and other applications. Platforms listed include:

  • Kartra
  • AWeber
  • ActiveCampaign
  • InfusionSoft
  • iContact
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • Zapier
  • Constant Contact

If you wish you can also connect to 3rd party tracking such as Google Analytics here.

Build your thank you page / survey

Now it?s time to build your thank you page for attendees that have registered.

The first step is to choose if you want to survey them after they?ve registered. Great if you want to ask your audience what they?re most interested in hearing about. Then you can tailor your webinar to ensure their questions are answered.

Then you?re onto the design of the thank you page. Again there are plenty of pre-designed templates to choose from, offering a simple to build yet professional design.

step 9 thank you page

Build your live event

This is where you?re really going to customize and build your webinar, adding the key content that will be used on the live event. It?s broken down into lots of simple sections for you to add/personalize where required.
step 10 live webinarjam review page

Let?s take a look at each section in more detail.

  • Countdown timer

    Here you can design the page that registrants will see once they?ve click the link to join, but the webinar hasn?t quite started. As you?d expect, there are plenty of pre-designed templates to choose from.

  • Room design?

    The room design is, as you?d guess, how you want the room to look for your actual live event. There are lots of layout/colour options to choose.

  • Polls/quizzes?

    if you want to ask your attendees and questions or add a poll you can build this now. Then when you?re running the live webinar it?s a simple click to begin your poll and show all attendees.

  • Offers?

    This amazing feature is hugely understated! It?s an incredible piece of conversion generating functionality. Here you can create an offer to show to your webinar attendees. Just provide the offer information, an image, a call-to-action and link. The offer is then created ready for you to click a button to show your attendees at just the right time during your webinar to drive sales. You can limit the number of copies to encourage quick conversions and also add urgency by adding an expiration to the offer.

  • Video injection

    Do you have any pre-recorded video you want to include? Add it here.

  • Handouts or files

    Any files or handouts you want your attendees to have access to download can be added here and will be shown to your attendees during the webinar. You can even hide individual files if you don?t want them shown until a particular stage in your event.

  • PowerPoint or Keynote presentations

    If you?ve created a slide presentation to include, upload it here. During your live webinar you can display the presentation and overlay your webcam if you choose.

Replay/recording settings

At this stage you can choose if you want the webinar recorded or not. We?d always suggest it?s a good idea to record it.

There are lots of powerful features within WebinarJam and also EverWebinar that can make use of recorded webinars.

Replica replay allows you to play an exact replica of your live event, at a later date. So everything from the video, presentation, polls and the chat box and offers are displayed just like in the live session.

step 11 replay settings

Done ? time to test

Once you?ve completed this setup it?s worth spending time on the test webinar feature. This is because it allows you to get used to the WebinarJam interface before you go live and really get to know all of the powerful features that you can use.

It?s also a chance to make sure all of your kit like your webcam and microphone are setup correctly so that there?s no embarrassment during the live event.

So that?s it for your setup. Now we?re going to give you a bit of detail on the automation platform offered by WebinarJam called EverWebinar.

step 13 preview

What is EverWebinar?

EverWebinar is built by WebinarJam’s team. EverWebinar is an automated solution which takes a webinar and delivers an automated webinar presentation that exactly mimics a live webinar.

The great part of EverWebinar is that when a user hits your registration page it can show the user that there?s a webinar due to start in just a few minutes. This feature can hugely increase registration rates, because attendees get to jump straight onto your webinar.

Is EverWebinar necessary?

To answer this, you really need to think about how you want to deliver your webinars. Are you looking to deliver the same webinar time and time again? If so, this could be the perfect solution for you. EverWebinar is ideal for businesses running webinars to provide information about a product or service.


WebinarJam FAQS

Are translations offered by WebinarJam?

WebinarJam has a very impressive selection of translation options for its users, allowing the ultimate versatility when it comes to working with businesses and companies around the globe. Although, they do have issues with certain languages such as Hebrew, Arabic and Chinese due to their complexities and format.

Does WebinarJam integrate with other software?

WebinarJam smoothly integrates with ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, AWeber, KARTRA, Infusionsoft, iContact, MailChimp, Ontraport, Drip, ConvertKit, Maropost, Twilio, Contact, Constant and Zapier.

There are also a number of other SAAS companies, such as ClickFunnels and LeadPages that integrate with WebinarJam.

If there are tech problems, is there a way to instantly fix it?

A favoured feature of ours is the built-in Panic Button that allows a webinar meltdown to be fixed without any further embarrassment, or having to end the session early. If the user realises things are not running the way that they should, the program will boot up a new live room and transfer the presenters and attendees into it. Within 10 – 15 seconds, any malfunctioning features will be restored.

Does the Real-Time Chat Feature come with an additional cost?

The Real-Time chat feature comes absolutely free with all WebinarJam accounts and is ready to be configured within the user account dashboard.

Can I install WebinarJam on my website so I can host a live webinar session from it?

You can embed the WebinarJam registration button on your website, including WordPress and Membership sites, which is a fantastic way to get attendees involved. But, you cannot install the WebinarJam live stream on your website. A fix to this could be recording the webinar and uploading it to YouTube, which can then be embedded on your website, but obviously, this will lose the live aspects.

Can presenters and moderators be added to the webinar?

WebinarJam is fantastic when it comes to different role features, and allows your audience to interact with the webinar (if the user chooses to do so). You can take things further by sharing screens, powerpoints and giving command permission to your moderators and presenters at the touch of a button.

What payment options are accepted?

Visa, MasterCard and American Express are all accepted, with subscription cancellations easily done if the webinar features are no longer required.

What technology is used in WebinarJam? Can it handle large volumes of webinars?

WebinarJam does a great job of managing a high volume of webinars. In fact, they are close to breaking the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest LIVE webinar platform – streaming close to 11,000 simultaneous viewers. It is made up of HLS, WebRTC and some RTMP Streaming also. This allows them to stream to audiences that their competitors struggle to reach or add an additional cost to do so.

Can screen sharing, web camera, and pre-recorded videos all be merged into one webinar session?

Absolutely, when broadcasting, the user can share the desktop of a computer, a single app, playback of multiple videos and run slideshow presentations. There are controls to switch between each element, or you can have them running simultaneously.

Can you get a “Private Room” that’s available whenever the host wants?

If a company wants to conduct recurring live sessions at short notice, the ‘Always-On’ room feature will do just that. Also, the host can use company branding to make the webinar unique to their business. These rooms are kept open 24/7, which allows the host to hop into their already configured room whenever they need it.

Can I charge for a webinar?

The terms and conditions state that you can either host your webinar for free or for a fee, without WebinarJam taking a commission. It’s a simple case of setting up PayPal and then you can charge for your Webinars.

WebinarJam alternatives


Demio is a webinar platform that is trusted by leading SaaS companies and makes marketing and customer relation management easy. It is a fantastic platform to generate quality leads and encourage recurring profit by allowing access to a broader audience. It can be used to increase free trial conversions or upselling, using the live video function. They offer a cloud-based platform, which means that neither you nor the attendees will need to download any special software.

Demio Price (based on webinars of 500 attendees)

$1956 year ($163 month) https://demio.com/pricing


ClickMeeting is fantastic at catering to larger audiences without affecting the features or stream quality. It is easy to use and is packed with many features that are expected from a webinar platform – including tools for preparation, presentation, interaction and follow-ups.

Because the platform is browser-based, it requires no software to be downloaded and installed, making it compatible with all devices and operating systems. The user interface includes interactive tools that allow companies to host engaging webinars that are incredibly cost-effective. Branding and interfaces are highly customisable, allowing a business to make their sessions appear completely unique with its own aesthetic.

Clickmeeting Price (based on webinars of 500 attendees)

Clickmeeting approx. $2280 year (approx. $190 month)


GoToMeeting is a web-hosted service that makes hosting webinars easy to set up and manage, regardless of skill level and experience with this kind of format. It can be used for online meetings, desktop sharing, video conferencing, team training, product promotions or for educational purposes.

It is compatible with smartphone users, allowing those who may not have access to a desktop system to get involved. Previous sessions can be recorded and archived in a cloud-based library, which can be shared with those who could not make the live broadcast. GoToWebinar has a fantastic interface that is jam-packed with helpful features that will benefit any business.

GoToWebinar Price – (based on webinars of 500 attendees)

?$199 per month


Zoom is a webinar platform that has been around for a decade. It was the top-ranked service before the development of worthy competitors like WebinarJam. It is a straightforward and reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, team collaboration, chatting, and providing high-quality webinars across smartphone devices, laptops, tablets and desktops.

Zoom has recently had a surge in use due to the coronavirus, as more and more professionals are being forced to work from home to comply with government health regulations.

Zoom Price – (based on webinars of 500 attendees)

Approx. $1548 year ($129 per month including webinar addon) https://zoom.us/pricing


WebinarNinja is an extremely easy to use webinar service that allows the host to run any type of webinar including live webinars, automated webinars, education, team training, product promotions, sales and seminars.

Because it is a cloud-based service, hosts and attendees do not need to download any special software – this makes it extremely accessible to everyone, regardless of their device capabilities. WebinarNinja has some built-in marketing components such as ‘thank you’ pages, email marketing tools and attractive landing pages.

WebinarNinja Price – (based on webinars of 500 attendees)

$1548 year ($129 month) https://my.webinarninja.com/plans


Livestorm is a webinar service that can be used to host meetings, customer training sessions, product demonstrations and much more. Everything within Livestorm is browser-based, which gives users access to all functions without having to install or configure any software. Livestorm has the capability of hosting webinars with large attendee numbers and also has a fantastic customer support, who can help with any technical issues a host may run into when configuring or broadcasting a webinar.

Livestorm Price – (based on webinars of 500 attendees)

$3696 year ($308 month) https://livestorm.co/pricing/

WebinarJam pricing vs competitor pricing?

Despite WebinarJam only offering a yearly payment option, rather than a monthly subscription, it is still better value for money over the course of a year when compared to its competition – especially considering the amount of features and support that is included in the price.

For the 500 attendee webinar service, which comes with 2-hour session slots and allows two presenters, you will be paying $499 for the entire year. That may seem like a lot to pay in one go, but compared with the competition’s 500 attendees monthly subscription, you will end up paying at least $129 a month for the cheaper and less popular webinar platforms, which will still end up costing you almost three times the yearly cost of WebinarJam.

Another reason why WebinarJam is fantastic value for money is because the next price package only rises by another $200 for the year, but greatly increases the features given. These include the Panic Button and the Always-on live room, as well as increasing the attendee capacity to a phenomenal 2000 and allowing four presenters. Many competitors will stagger the increase in the package features very slowly in an attempt to upsell the most expensive packages to gain the most profit. WebinarJam is fair, upfront and offers a service that will work with companies of all sizes without having to break budgets.

Delivering a successful webinar

Over the past couple of years, the number of businesses using webinars has increased by 60%, with marketers using them a constant marketing tool. They are a fantastic way to create quality leads, enhance brand exposure, and can increase product and service awareness by 74%. Although the features built into the webinar platforms we recommend do a great job of providing you with cost-effective ways to improve business and communication, there are a few other things you could do to guarantee a successful webinar.

Consider day and time

It is important to host your event on a day and time that will encourage as many attendees as possible. The ideal time for you to host your session will depend on your target demographic, although a recent study has shown that midweek days are the best, as Mondays and Fridays are typically filled with opening week tasks, last-minute tasks and catch-up tasks. We would also recommend using the Google Analytic tools to determine which regions around the world your traffic comes from and select times that will be best for their time zones.

You can always experiment and keep a keen eye on what times work the best. You also have the option of recording your webinars for people who cannot watch it live – further increasing the amount of exposure your webinar gets.

Select the right tools and equipment

The equipment used to host a webinar could make or break it. Trusting the built-in microphones and cameras on laptops and desktops can be a huge mistake. If you want to come across as professional and offer the highest quality broadcasts you possibly can, it will be a good idea to invest in a good mic and camera. For those working to a budget, there are many decent quality products on the market that come with a very reasonable price tag.

It’s also a good idea to have a second computer and backup equipment, just in case you have any technical problems during a broadcast. You can also print off hard copies of your slideshows, in case the digital version goes wrong – it may not look as good, but you will still be able to get your message across. Using high-grade equipment for your webinar will boost its quality and ensure that the attendees will have a memorable and productive experience.

Focus on promoting the webinar before it goes live

To maximise your webinar’s guest numbers, you can advertise the event before it starts. To start, you can create an interesting and engaging landing page showing your company branding and introducing the webinar subject, speakers, highlights, the date/ time and including a call-to-action to urge people to register so that they can attend.

Another fantastic way to promote your webinar is on your social media accounts – you can even create a catchy hashtag that will encourage people to engage and spread the word online. Another great way to engage and attract attendees is by posting a short video explaining what they can expect from the upcoming event. Finally, send out an email with the direct link to the webinar landing page.

Choose a topic that interests your audience

If you choose a topic that isn’t interesting to your audience, it’s going to be very hard to keep retention and achieve the mission of your webinar – whether it is to train, have a meeting or sell a product or service.

Often, the topics covered are limited to the business you are in, but you can include side topics that still relate to your webinar subject but could entertain or change up the format to keep things fresh. If you are doing a presentation on a product, you could have a segment of its other uses, its future potential or how competitors are doing things differently.

Changing things up and getting attendees to interact with webinars has been proven to get many more positive responses. It is also essential to make your presentations visually appealing by using plenty of high-quality images, slides, alerts and videos.

Keep your audience’s attention

Try not to get too focussed on the script, instead make sure you interact with your audience during your webinar. Attendees can give essential feedback and contribute to the performance of the webinar – so make sure you ask your guests lots of questions and encourage interactions whenever it is natural to do so.

Also, you should always leave a lot of time at the end of your session to answer any questions. For example, if your webinar is an hour-long, you can add another thirty minutes to the end of it, for those who want to hang around to get answers.

Top webinar platforms, like WebinarJam, have voting features that you can use within your presentation to get instant feedback.

Practice as much as you can

It may take time or make you feel silly without an audience. But practise your webinar a few times before the event. This will ensure it goes off without any issues on the day.

Rehearse your presentation several days before. Check your video and audio quality. Ensure all equipment works correctly.

Also close down any applications that might cause the webinar to malfunction or slow down.

This will help you root out and get rid of any potential issues. This gives you peace of mind when delivering your amazing webinar!

Create a follow-up plan

Once your webinar has concluded, remember to follow up with the guests of your event. Also send them a ‘thank you’ email. You can ask them for feedback on the event and what they would rate the overall webinar, as well as letting them know that you will inform them about any future online events.

Finally, you can send a recorded copy of the webinar to those who registered. That way they can go back and rewatch anything they may have missed or need reiterating.

Summary of our WebinarJam review

Put simply, if you?re looking to host a webinar and are happy for it to be under 2hrs duration (Which should be fine seeing as SmartInsights suggest the average length of a webinar is 39 minutes) and 500 attendees, you HAVE to sign up for the $1 14 day trial.

Register for the trial, setup a test webinar and you?ll see for yourself how simple the platform is. Simple, yet hugely sophisticated with it?s range of features.

Obviously if you?re looking for more than 2hr duration or 500 attendees, WebinarJam will also cater for you. The price tag will be higher.

Happy with our WebinarJam review? Start a trial today.


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